Artist statement

Isabel Ferrand finds inspiration in local, personal stories that she explores and relates to a larger world. Highly sensitive to the devotion it takes to create and preserve something precious, she researches how people pass on traditions, memories or the knowledge stored in the body. Her art mediates between meaningful details of everyday life and a more abstract sense of heritage and history. Tracing intricate cultural, economic and political links, she maps the many ways all our lives are interlaced.



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Born in Figueira da Foz, Portugal Portuguese and Dutch nationality.
Lives and works in Zeist, Holland

1999, Bachelor in the Arts, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Utrecht, NL

2015, Master in the Arts, Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam, NL


Publications / Press

2021 VOLKSKRANT Magazine, feb 6 'Alles op de kop', Wieteke van Zeil

2019 MISTER MOTLEY dec 'Laten we het over rijst hebben', Alex de Vries

KLEI nov 19 'Handen als Spiegel van de Ziel'

SIMULACRUM jan 19 'Second Thoughts'

2008 “Isabel Ferrand -Heritage” text by Alex de Vries, de Zwaluw, isbn 978-90-77794-62-3